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How To Advertise


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The Accident Attorneys and Personal Injury Network is the largest private owner of personal injury related websites in the world, our directory will get you calls! Our parent company, City Advertising was ranked #189 in the Inc. 500 in 2010, see why! In addition to gaining exposure to more than 100,000 consumers every month on our network, we have a variety of services that will increase your exposure across multiple channels.

Our Services Include:
Google Mapping and Location Services

Social Media Exposure, Fan Pages and Profiles on websites like Facebook , LinkedIn and YouTube

Targeted Search Network - Your own little army of websites, customized for your Firm ONLY!

Distribution on locally targeted websites in your area IE

Local Vanity Phone Numbers like 423-Injuries; 636-Injuries; 724-5-lawyer and more!

Toll Free Vanity Numbers like 1-888-9-INJURIES; 1-888-96-ATTORNEY; 1-888-97-LAWSUIT

Contact Us Today at 1-888-946-5874 to start getting calls Tomorrow! Or via Email